Thursday, 12 February 2015

Who needs a takeaway?

In the past when I was working full time and I had very little spare time, a whole load of stress and more disposable income, we wouldn't think twice about having a takeaway. It always seemed a great idea at the time, but somehow they were always a little disappointing - expensive, slightly greasy, too salty, poor flavour or once even, undercooked !!!
These days takeaways are off the menu for a whole variety of reasons - none of them are gluten free, few would be vegan, they are ALL ridiculously expensive!
So, it remains to me to be a little inventive in the kitchen to ensure that we don't feel we're missing out......

Vegetable curry, raita with soy yoghurt, red onion relish and the ubiquitous mango chutney. This was a Jamie Oliver curry recipe and was delicious! I made his curry base sauce and froze half.

A rather large pile of home fried poppadums. They make the house smell of frying which I'm not that keen on, but they really do taste so much more authentic when cooked at home.


Vegetable pad thai


One vegetarian and one with a cheeky bit of chorizo on top! 


Sweet potato and sweetcorn burger and homemade thin cut chips

Who needs a takeaway when you can feed a family of six for pence rather than pounds, know exactly what has gone into what you are eating and it tastes so much better home-made!


  1. I cook things like that and really enjoy them but I don't consider them a treat as such as I still have to cook! A food treat for me is anything I don't have to prepare myself - from a bowl of cereal to Dan's bottom of the fridge pasta bake.

    1. I know what you mean! I long for a meal cooked for me rather than by me! I do get poached eggs on toast at the weekend made by Mr D, which is a highlight!

  2. Your meals look absolutely delicious! You're right in that most takeaways leave us feeling a bit disappointed afterwards too and are way over priced in my opinion. I have quite a few of Jamie, Rachel Allen, Delia and Nigella books all looking at me in hope that I now have time to use them more!!

    1. I have spent so many hours over the years ploughing through books for new recipes. I use the internet a lot more now as our meals are so 'specialist'! I find Jamie and Nigella recipes never fail.

  3. Your take outs look fab, we have and indian, tried it once and it wasn't good, then there is a chip van and that's not brilliant, I have started doing a few currys, and complete with all the naan bread, chutney and poppadoms it came in well under £5.00 for the three of us and it was so good, even when we go out to Sunday Lunch the guys say that was nice, but not as nice as yours.

  4. There's nothing so good as home made for taste, but it is a lovely treat to have a meal out occasionally!