Monday, 9 February 2015

Is Spring on the horizon?

My photos are nowhere near as beautiful as those from Cornish Chickpea on Saturday, but I didn't have the beautiful Cornish coastline either ....

I don't know about you, but we've had some fabulous weather in the last few weeks. I went for a walk with Mr D on Sunday and it felt positively balmy in the sunshine. In fact I was almost wishing I'd had my sunglasses with me!

We saw a linnet and a greater spotted woodpecker in these trees. I don't think I've ever seen a linnet before, but I could tell it was a finch of some kind by it's beak and it had a rather striking orangey red stripe on its head and a reddish breast. I looked it up in my trusty Observer's Book of Birds when I got home. This book always makes me think of my dad because it still smells of his bookcases. 

We also walked around Horsell Common for a while. We both have fond memories of walking our much-loved, but sadly departed retriever - Woody - around the common. One day soon we will get another dog, but the timing isn't quite right at the moment unfortunately! It feels odd not having a dog on these kind of walks I must say, but I don't miss the hosing down, rubbing dry and subsequent wet dog whiff quite so much! 


  1. We also had some fab weather yesterday. Went out walking and the sun on my face made me feel as if I was in mid-June! My other body parts were clad in thermal socks, wellies, thick coat and gloves. I'm quite fed up with winter now (although autumn and winter are my favourite seasons) and am looking forward to some warmer weather, if only to get the washing back out on the line! Like you, we thought by now (as I retired early) that we would have another dog to accompany us on our walks. However we fostered 2 Labradors for one of our local Labrador rescues (they were on death row in the local pound) and our poor ex-feral cat didn't take to them to say the least (not surprising as she's scared of everything). She de-camped to the garage for the few weeks we fostered them so for us, because of her, we can't think about another dog as much as we'd love one. (The 2 labs we fostered went on to great homes by the way but very sad to see them go).

  2. I can't imagine our cats looking favourably on a dog appearing on the scene. I'm hoping that as and when we achieve our final move to somewhere with a bit more space, we might be able to arrange some kind of demarcation lines so we can have dogs, cats and chickens in relative peace. I fancy a couple of goats too, but that might be a fantasy!! Can't imagine getting that one past Mr D!! I'm missing hanging my washing outside too. I'm lucky enough to have a large airing cupboard with hanging space, but it's not the same especially for bedding or towels.

  3. We also had a fabulous walk yesterday, I love woodland, been out again today, it was just so warm.

    1. Yes, I suspect it's warmer outside than in at the moment - heating broken down again! Was in cleaning mode today so no time for a walk - perhaps tomorrow....