Thursday, 26 February 2015

What a peaceful day!

I know I've already done a post today, but I'm just reflecting on what a beautifully quiet and gentle day I've had, so I thought I'd share it with you!
I awoke to Mr D bringing me a cuppa before setting out to work. He was chuntering hugely about the mess my middle two had left downstairs last night having made themselves toast and then left everything out and indeed open to the elements!  It's mind boggling how lazy and thoughtless they can be as teenagers and yet at other times, they are delightful!! Ying and Yang I guess....
Anyway, I refused to allow his crossness to impact on my mood. I had decided that I was going to enjoy every moment of today!
Having showered, fed and cleaned out the chickens, fed the cats and popped a load of washing on, I sat down to buttery scrambled eggs on toast and a second cup of tea. As I ate my breakfast, the last of my brood left for school and college, so I knew I'd have most of the day to myself - bliss!
I've done some admin and paperwork including filling in two passport forms - one for daughter number two who is going to the States for a year in the Summer and one for me as Mr D and I have been invited on a weekend in France in April with some friends. More money out of the bank, but needs must in this case.
I managed three loads of washing today and finished all of the ironing. Then I popped out to the shop to buy soy milk, almond milk, a lettuce (I really need to get my salad boxes made!!) and a loaf of sliced bread (not much left after toast incident last night!!). Whilst at the shop, I recycled all our old batteries and posted a letter.
When I got home, I doned my apron and baked a GF, vegan, almond and apricot tea bread, which is in the oven as I write along with some potatoes so I can scoop out the flesh for tonight's pea and potato croquettes. I am feeling so serene, I have even done all of the washing up by hand to save on dishwasher tablets - we only have 4 left until Sunday!!!

Washing up drying on the side

Whilst pottering in the kitchen I have been listening to classical music. Mostly I love silence and very rarely have the TV on and generally no music either, but I heard the refrain from Simon Jeffes' 'Still life at the Penguin Café' on the TV the other day and realised I hadn't listened to it for ages, so I popped it in the CD player and smiled to myself, as it always cheers me up. You would recognize it I'm sure, particularly the piece 'Perpetuum Mobile', as it's been used on TV so often. You can find it on youtube. It was one of my late father's favourite pieces and in one of those quirks of fate, it turns out that daughter number two's best friend's aunt danced the part of the Floh or flea in the Royal Covent Garden's performance of the ballet that my Dad had seen! It truly is a small world.

If you look closely, you can see the roasted potatoes - they were small so I threaded them on skewers to stop them falling through the oven shelves! It also cooks them faster.

I'm now enjoying some piano pieces by Bach and Chopin amoung others. I find that music has a very powerful affect on my mood. What music do you listen to if any?
What a truly beautiful day. It's raining and grey outside, but I'm in a warm, clean and comfortable home with a home made cake baking in the oven, beautiful music fills the room and I don't have to answer to anyone or anything! What could be better? X


  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying reading. I just had to say how much I love your lights! I have a lights put away in a box and I've labelled it 'Nigella Lights' as NL has such lovely lights in her TV kitchen. I am inspired to get them out again having seen yours - thanks!

    1. Welcome and I'm very glad you're enjoying reading the blog - I'm enjoying writing it! It was watching Nigella that made me go out and get lights for the kitchen - it took me a while to find white lights on a white lead (ikea). Mr D was all for taking them down after Christmas, but I ,ike them too much!!